We still aim to change the world.

TFM brings together culture, tech and conflict experts to address root causes of social division. We are open to collaborative, creative and locally-led partnerships. Engaging, connecting and communicating since 2010.

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Selected works

Precision engineered Off-Grid Cinema taking films to the hardest to reach people. Because everyone matters. Charging from alternator and solar panels. Built in camera for pioneering participatory cinema.

TFM provides communications and peacebuilding expertise and research consultancy. This major report for Christian Aid draws together historic and contemporary learnings on best practice across South Sudan.

TFM played an integral role in establishing the FCDO supported Conflict Sensitivity Facility in Sudan. Providing communications strategy and web-development, including building the bespoke online course feature.

We were proud to lead Amnesty International's first Virtual Reality Advocacy Campaign at the United Nations Security Council and the African Union Human Rights Commission.